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Carolyn is a dynamic, innovative and results oriented therapist, educator and researcher. She possesses a solid clinical and theoretical foundation that is complimented by a holistic appreciation of the mind and body connection.


Experiencing life as a teenage girl, Carolyn encountered many of the same difficulties and challenges that affect adolescents today. She did not know it then, but it was back during these years that the first seeds of her future career were planted.


She achieved an honours undergraduate degree in Psychology, a postgraduate diploma in Addictions, a Master’s degree in Social work (with a specialization in health and mental health) and additional certificates. To further round out her education, Carolyn has recently begun the journey towards becoming a registered yoga teacher.


Her clinical work experience includes working with adolescents in academic, hospital and community settings (including foster care and the criminal justice system).  In addition to her clinical experience, Carolyn has a passion for teaching and education that led to her receiving faculty appointments at both a university and a college. She is also an avid researcher with a number of peer reviewed journal publications and has presented  at both national and international conferences.


It is however the innate personal characteristics that Carolyn embodies that truly make her the therapist she is today. Carolyn has a warm, charming and personable spirit that provides her the ability to connect and relate to young people on a level that fosters growth and change.

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